Privacy Policy (English)

Statement in accordance with the legislative decree No. 196 – June 30, 2013, regulating the protection of personal data

Dear User,
Sarti agenzia Immobiliare, domiciled at via Litoranea Nord, 19/C  47843-Misano Adriatico ( Rn ), P.Iva/C.F.: 03477430403, for purposes connected to the provision of its services, processes data that have been communicated by yourself or that have been collected while you used the services.
The right holder of data-handling is the apartmentSarti agenzia Immobiliare in the person of its legal representative pro tempore.
The list of persons responsible for the handling of personal data and of third parties to which they may be communicated is available at the office ofSarti agenzia Immobiliare.

The data processing is done with procedures that are appropriate for privacy safeguarding and consists of collection, registration, organization, conservation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, usage, connection, blockage, communication, diffusion, deletion, elimination; two or more of these activities may be combined.

The data processing in connection with and necessary for the provision of our services is furthermore used for the following purposes:

a) Collection of data and information about the users’ inclinations and preferences, in general and in particular; delivery of commercial information and offers, also from third parties; consignation of advertising and information materials; commercial communication and interaction; direct sale or placement of products or services; the preparation of studies and statistics on sales, clients and other information, which may be passed to third parties; alienation of the collected and processed data to third parties for commercial use, including sales and attempted sales, also outside the Euopean Union; shortly all admitted purposes of commercial and or statistical nature. Participation in contests in the context of advertising and sales promotion.

b) Communication of the data to companies which carry out tasks that are necessary for the delivery of the services, and/or to companies which administer data bases for credit risk control that are available also to third parties.

c) Transmission of the data to companies related to or controlled by ourselves, and/or to companies which carry out tasks that are necessary for the delivery of the services, also outside the European Union.

The user’s consent to the processing of his personal data is optional. If he denies the uses of his personal data listed under a), the use will be limited to what is strictly necessary to deliver the services and to comply with obligations resulting from laws, regulations and rulings of the European Union. If the user denies the uses listed under b) and c), the company can not deliver the services.

The processing of user data with the above mentioned purposes is carried out mainly by means of automated and digitized procedures, in compliance with the regulations on privacy and safety. The data are stored at the apartment Sarti agenzia Immobiliare for the terms required by law and are processed by employees or commissioned professionals, under direct supervision and responsibility of the apartment. For this purpose, the data communicated by the user may be transfered to external parties, even in other countries, that carry out tasks connected with and necessary for the delivery of the services.

We hereby inform you, in accordance with article 7 of the legislative decree N° 196 – June 30, 2003, that the customer has the right to oppose on legitimate grounds processing of his personal data, totally or in part. Further he may, in accordance with the applicable regulations, demand information about the existence of personal data regarding himself and about their source, demand to be informed in a comprehensible form; demand information about the logic, the manner and the purposes of data processing; demand the updating, correction, completion, deletion, anonymization of existing data, also the blockage of data processed in illegitimate ways, including data that are not needed anymore for the origininal purpose of their collection; more in general he may exercise each and every right provided by the applicable legal regulations.
Communications are to be addressed to

Cookie Usage Declaration

Cookies are used on our website and in our e-mails in order to provide our users with better service and easy handling. From now on, also trusted partners of ours have access to the collected information in order to improve user experience on their web sites. This document describes the kinds of cookies we use and share with our partners, the purposes of the cookies, and the ways you can change your preferences and other settings.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard disc of the device by the browser. Every time a given user revisits our website, the browser will send these cookies back to us, so that we can adapt the user experience to the user’s personal interests and preferences, making it easier for him to use our services.

Which Cookies do we use?

The cookies used by us allow us to identify users who already visited our website, and their data, so that they need not fill in the same data every time. Further by means of cookies we can analyse how people move within our website, and improve user friendliness. Here are some kinds of cookies that we use.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies may be used in order to enable the access to our services via our website. Without these cookies the requested servicies could not be delivered. For instance, technical cookies are used for:

  • enabling users to access secure areas on our website without having to log in continuously;
  • keeping memory of operations already performed (e.g. filling in a form), when the user returns to a page he already visited during the same session

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies may be used to find out how users react to the website, to advertisements and to e-mails, and to detect faults. Further, these cookies provide detailed technical information, like the last page viewed, the number of pages viewed, whether an e-mail was opened, which links on a website or in an e-mail have been clicked, how much time passed between one click and the next one. This information can be related to characteristics of the user, like IP-address, domain ore browser; however, these data are analyzed together with those of other persons, so that no single user is identified.

For example, these cookies may be used on our website in order to:

  • Analyze and improve the performance and the design of our website, of advertisements and of e-mails
  • Quantify the reactions to advertisements and improve their performance
  • Detect errors that occur on our website and improve our service

Tracking cookies from third parties

Tracking cookies from third parties may be placed on the user’s device by our partners. These cookies are used to detect when a user is redirected to our website by our partners, and to find out whether this user bought a product or a service. The information may be shared with our partners in anonymous form, so that no single user is identified. We also share this information to comply with our contractual lobligations towards our partners and help them improve the efficency of their websites.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are not essential for our services but they allow you to take advantage of various useful features on our website. For instance, they may be used on our website in order to:

  • remember preferences set during previous visits, such as country/language, particular interests, visualization of the website (lay-out, character size, colours etc.), so you do not need to enter these details repeatedly;
  • remember answers to questions already put, e.g. in enquiries regarding customer satisfaction; so these questions will not be asked again;
  • determine whether a given service has already been proposed to the user, for instance online assistance in real time;
  • provide information that allows the use of optional services, such as watching an online video or publishing comments in a blog

Targeting and advertising cookies

These cookies may be used on our website in order to display advertisements fitting the user’s particular interests. Targeting and advertising cookies provide detailed information about how users move iniside our website (for instance the products or services viewed most by a given person). Further, these cookies allow us to recognize a user who returns to our website and/or visits a website of one of our advertising partners.

Third-party cookies

When a user visits our website, also cookies not controlled by ourselves may be set. This happens, for example, when the user visits a page that contains content from a website controlled by third parties. The user then receives cookies from these services, run by third parties. The cookies do not contain personal data, if the visitor did not log in to his own user account. For example, cookies may be set by the following third parties:

  • CrazyEgg
  • Clicky
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag manager
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook connect
  • Facebook ads
  • Mailup
  • Mailchimp
  • Youtube

For further information about the use of cookies by third parties please consult the statements on privacy and cookies of the services concerned.


When a user visits our website for the first time, a message is displayed in which we point out that, by continuing tu use the website, he accepts that cookies requiring approval are set on his device. The user can change his decision at any time; how is described in the chapter “How to delete and/or block cookies”.

How to delete and/or block cookies

Most browsers ar pre-configured in a way that cookies are accepted; it is possible, however, to choose or change the settings of one’s browser in a way that all cookies are accepted or rejected, or that only certain cookies, selected on the base of their provenance, are accepted. The browser may also be set in a way that cookies can be rejected or accepted individually before they are installed. In the browser you also find the possibility to periodically delete all the cookies that have been memorized on your device. It is important to select the desired settings in all browsers that are installed on your various devices (tablet, smart phone, desk top computer etc.). Differing browsers offer differing ways to configure cookie settings and user preferences. These settings are described in the browser menu under the item “help”, this is where you can modify the cookie settings.

For example:

What happens if cookies are disabled?

If you reject cookies in your browser, the use of some functionalities, pages and areas of the website is not possible. Settings and personalizations that were previously selected may not be restored, and our ability to tailor user experience following individual needs and preferences is limited.